Why Choose AllCounted®

1 We are the only 100% free and full-featured survey system on the web. You'll never be asked to pay.
2 We are better than most paid sites that mislead people with "free" yet restricted services.
3 We are more than just an easy-to-use, powerful, and secure survey website.
4 We offer many innovative tools to empower people like you.
AllCounted does not endorse the topics or questions of any surveys created by its users.

What We Offer

Question & Page Skip Logic
Customizable & Mobile Friendly Themes
Email Invitation, Embed & Share
Charts & Results Export
Powerful Analytical Tools
Survey Templates, SSL Encryption
Collaboration & More!

How We Innovate

Flexible Campaigns & Distributions
Effective Participant Restrictions
Unparalleled Results Sharing
Free Two-Way Cross-Tabulation
Searchable and Secure Database
Friends & Participant Groups
Maps of Responses & More!

What You Can Do

Create Unlimited Surveys
Collect Unlimited Responses
Get Instant & Actionable Results
Search Existing Surveys & Results
Follow Public Opinions
Express Your Thoughts
Connect with Others

User Testimonials

I have created many surveys before and must say that your product is quickly becoming one of my favorite tools to use.
Janette, California, USA
Your site has helped me tremendously – and my company too.
Tracy, Ohio, USA
If only all paid services had support as exemplary as yours, it would be a much better Internet.
Taylor, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Your site has been a breeze to work with. It is also great on the speed.
Holly, University of South Australia, Australia
I love your website and the cool features. Thanks for making them free.
Ryan, Colorado, USA
Thanks so much for your fast response. The site is a great piece of software!
Nandan, New Delhi, India
AllCounted is a platform that has integrated online surveys, public opinions, a survey database, and social networking into one system to serve and empower businesses, non-profits, schools, governments, and millions of individuals.